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Looking for an apprenticeship you’ll really enjoy?

Look around you. Every house or building you see needs water, gas and electricity. Aptus installs these essential services – without them, nothing would be built. Which is why we like to think of ourselves as the real heroes of the construction industry.

As an established and successful company, we know that apprentices are key to our continued success and growth. And this is why we look after our apprentices so well.

We’ve won many awards for our apprenticeship programmes and are proud to say that all our apprentices have enjoyed being part of the Aptus family.

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Do you offer any perks?

Oh yes! We have a great package of perks. Some of the things we offer as standard include:

icon mobile phone

25% off O2 mobile phone network

icon hot dog

Regular social events (including a Christmas Party and Summer Fun Day/BBQ)

icon recognition

Monthly recognition scheme where we award spot prizes

icon pension

Pension scheme

icon dental

Healthcare plan that pays for things like dental treatments and eye tests

icon health

An app that offers advice about healthy eating, exercise, money, wellbeing and lots more

icon charity

Paid days to undertake charity work

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What if …

You might be worried about failing your exams or not liking your course. You may even be worried about crashing a digger!

Well, we’ve seen pretty much everything at Aptus and know how to deal with most situations so you don’t need to worry.

Besides, you’ll get a chance to ask all sorts of questions on your Induction Day. After that, you’ll be surrounded by people who’ll be happy to answer anything that might be playing on your mind.

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A Week in the Life of

Lilly Lilly


I started work at 8:00am. When I got to the office, I put my lunch in the fridge and got ready for a busy day ahead. The first task was to send texts to trainees reminding them what they’ve got on for the week. Every Monday we have new starters so inductions are always taking place at the beginning of the week and it’s my responsibility to sort these out. The more qualifications they come with, the less training they need on their induction. Most of the courses can be done online.

After my lunch, I get back to work. Today, I was scanning and filing documents and laminating certificates for those who successfully passed their training courses. I also went through my emails and replied to them to keep to make sure my inbox doesn’t get too full.


Just like yesterday, my working day starts by sending out texts to trainees. Today I arranged new courses for people whose courses are due to end soon. After booking and confirming the course, I sent all joining instructions to them, updated the spreadsheet and Audacia which is the software we use on a day-to-day basis.

After lunch I had my college lesson which lasted for 1hr and 30 minutes. In today’s lesson I also had my review which happens every 3 months. We discussed how well I’m doing with my college work and anything that needs to be improved. We also go through my learning journal which contains everything I have done over the past 9 months. The idea is to write something down every time I learn something new. By doing this my percentage score goes up.


After sending out the daily texts to trainees, I chased up subcontractors for their training and certificates. We have 3 different spreadsheets – one for missing, expired and due to expire. These reports get run every Wednesday and I filter on different companies and email them to chase any outstanding training.

I continued with the subcontractor emails as these take a long time. We may get emails back regarding training that they want us to book. If this is the case I will recharge them and book the training and send all details over immediately. Throughout the day I was also catching up with emails and arranging other training, booking hotels and meeting rooms that people needed.


We have new starters coming next Monday so I set up all of their online training and got all of their PPE ready. Depending on their job role some get more PPE than others. Getting it all ready means it can just be handed out straight away when they get here on Monday.

The fire alarm got tested today during my lunch. This is just a regular drill which takes place every Thursday just to ensure the fire alarm is still working in the building in case of an emergency. After lunch, I spent the afternoon catching up on emails, booking courses and finishing off my college work.


As it’s Friday, today’s training texts included reminders for Saturday, next Monday, Friday and Saturday. This gives people at least a week to get back to me if they can’t attend and gives me a chance to get somebody else on the course so we don’t lose out on any money from missed training.

Around 2pm I sent the new starter emails to our managing director. This is to inform her who is starting to work for us next week. After this I sent out the training matrix – this goes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so everybody knows what training they have in the upcoming weeks.

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