Utilities FAQs

What information do I need to send in for a quote?

We will need the following information in order to provide a quote;

Residential Developments
  • Scaled site layout
  • Site location/boundary plan
  • Utilities require (Gas, Water, Electric, Street Lighting)
  • Heating type (Gas/Electric/Other)
  • Housing Schedule (No. of beds per plot)
  • Meter positions
  • Site address
  • Correspondence details
  • Do you require any temporary supplies (if so please can you confirm the location and usage required)
  • Do you require street lighting?
    • Do you have an approved design
    • Would you like a design undertaken?
    • Is it for connections only or would you like a sull installation and connection quote?
  • Smart/Dumb Meters and shipper required (e.g. British Gas or Eon)
  • If greater than 100 houses – substation position if required

Industrial/Commercial Developments
  • Usage (e.g. Retail, Hotel, Warehouse, if warehouse is usage known or is this speculative?)
  • Utilities required (Gas, Water , Electric)
  • Loadings required for utilities
  • List of internal water fittings (if water required)
  • Service entry locations/plant room/sub-station location
  • Site location plan
  • Scaled site layout
  • Site address
  • Correspondence details
  • Do you require temporary supplies (if so can you confirm the location and usage required)

How long does it take to get a quote?

On receipt of all information required to enable a quote to be issued, typical timescales are 6-8 weeks. This enables points of connection to be applied for to confirm connection positions.

How long does it take from contract award to start on site?

Typically this is 7-8 weeks but will be dependent upon all information being received for design approval at contract award and first payment being received.

Do you fit meters?

Aptus are approved to fit gas and water domestic meters (depending on the water company region) on new development sites.

If gas services are connected to existing mains not new mains then we do not fit the gas meters.

We do not fit electric meters, but we will liaise with meter suppliers to organise electric meter fit dates in line with service connection works.

We do not fit commercial gas or water meters.

What makes Aptus different to the individual utility providers – what are the benefits of using you?

We provide a one-stop-shop for gas, water and electric services on your development which often provides time and cost-saving solutions.

We are experienced in dealing with different statutory organisations to facilitate connections.

We have a co-ordinated approach to installation of utilities; one team will install gas, water and electric mains and services.

Will there be any hidden additional fees other than in your quotation?

The only additional costs you will see are if there is a material change to the design of the site or the agreed quote parameters.

I have just built a new house, I assume as an MU provider that using you will mean a cheaper quotation compared to the individual providers?

This is not necessarily true for single connections as Aptus Utilities have to incur additional costs that the statutory undertakers do not have that have to be covered in our quote, for example highways notices. What you will receive is a one-stop-shop for co-ordination and management of the service co-ordinations and removal of the ‘hassle factor’ associated with service connections

Got any questions?

If you're looking to enquire about any of our services, or have any questions, please get in touch by phone or email.

Email: info@aptusutilities.co.uk Call: 01204 325 000