Our ethos here at Aptus is to “do it right”

At Aptus, first and foremost we aim to deliver a quality product, safely and without risk to human health or the environment.

Our operations are conducted within stringent frameworks for Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment, ensuring we work responsibly, safely and with due consideration for our surroundings at all times.

Across our company, we adhere to internationally recognised management systems and meet certification for ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management.

We have rigorous systems and procedures in place to ensure that we not only continue to meet basic regulatory requirements but which also help us to identify potential areas for improvement to drive up standards, which we consider central to our responsibilities as an industry leader.

Our Lloyds Multi-Utility Recognition Status (MURS) certification recognises our capacity to provide electric, water and gas infrastructure safely and in accordance with approved standards, across the UK. Our Certifications section provides a comprehensive list of our certifications, awards and memberships with affiliate organisations.

In addition to fulfilling mandatory industry governance requirements, Aptus takes its corporate and social responsibilities very seriously and we aim to make a positive impact on the environment and in the communities where we operate.

In conducting our business and in our relations with employees, customers and other stakeholders, we aim to operate sustainably and responsibly and maintaining the highest ethical standards in line with our Core Values. Our Corporate Responsibility section details more about our approach.

Our HSQE Policy outlining the way in which we aim to achieve more than the legal minimum requirement across Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment can be viewed at the link below.

HSQE Statement

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