Water Testing & Chlorination

Maintain a safe and reliable water source by testing the quality of your water. Aptus provides a comprehensive package of water testing and chlorination services, which includes consultation and design, construction, installation, swabbing, hydrostatic pressure testing, chlorination and sampling.

Thanks to a highly experienced in-house team of water testing engineers utilising top-of-the-range purpose-built vehicles and equipment, we can manage the safe, timely and cost-effective delivery of water services for industrial, commercial and residential clients across the UK.

To find out more about our water supply and connection service, speak to our Water Engineer, Paul Noon, on 01204 325 000 / 07803 409 462, or email him directly at Paul.Noon@aptusutilities.co.uk.

Hydrostatic testing and sampling with UK water testing companies

As a business, we have more than a decade of experience working with water companies across the UK, including United Utilities, Northumbrian Water, Hartlepool Water, Yorkshire Water, Severn Trent, Severn Dee, South Staffordshire, South West Water and Anglian Water. Our technicians are EUSR accredited in Mains Hygiene, SHEA Water, Hydrostatic Testing and Chlorination and Sampling procedures. 

We are authorised and equipped to complete hydrostatic testing and mains disinfection and sampling throughout the UK. Our pressure testing equipment allows us to view tests in live time, and same-day reports can be supplied. If you would like to speak to us about your requirements and find out more about how we can help you, contact us here, or on 01204 325 000.

    Speak to one of our experts about your project

    What we offer

    • Consultation and design
    • Installation of water mains and services
    • Pipe swabbing
    • Disinfection and chlorination
    • Bacteriological sampling
    • Domestic meters
    • WIAPS private water pipe installation

    Why choose Aptus for water testing and chlorination services

    • Award-winning industry specialists since 2010
    • Fully-managed service
    • Certified by the Lloyd’s Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS)
    • Specialist project management
    • 250 fully equipped and skilled personnel
    • Nationwide operations
    • Specialist chlorination vans
    • Competitive rates
    • Independent Connections Provider (ICP) with direct connections onto the distribution network

    Why do we use specialist water chlorination vans?

    Whenever a new water network is being built, it needs to be tested (pre-commissioning) for working pressure integrity and to ensure that pipes are safe to carry potable drinking water. Aptus’ new state-of-the-art vans are fully equipped to carry out hydrostatic pressure testing and chlorination to fulfil these requirements. 

    Our vans have been divided into two compartments to meet the highest possible level of hygiene. In doing so, it is possible to separate sterile chlorination equipment from any potential contaminants associated with the test pumps, fuel and hand digging tools that we also carry. The vans have been internally lined with a polymer coating to facilitate deep cleaning of all surfaces. Additionally, all vans are equipped with hand cleansing sanitation dispensers, and floor sump drains to further aid cleanliness.

    Once the requisite standard of hygiene of the new water network has been determined, we will commission the network ready for adoption by the network operator. We provide this specialist chlorination service as part of our fully managed services, helping save our clients time and effort and helping to keep costs to a minimum.

    Discuss your requirements with us on 01204 325 000 today, or email Paul Noon from our Water Engineering Team at Paul.Noon@aptusutilities.co.uk. Alternatively, please leave us a message here.

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