Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility describes the voluntary actions we undertake as a company to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner, beyond basic legal requirements, to best serve the interests of wider society.

At Aptus we are driven to seeking out opportunities and engaging in activities where we can make a positive difference, and at the same time, we aim to operate sustainably and responsibly while maintaining the highest ethical standards in line with our Core Values. As well as meeting our Corporate Responsibility goals this brings added value to our work and enables us to make a contribution that’s of benefit to the wider community and our stakeholders.

Our Corporate Responsibility policy is structured around four themes, implemented at Board level and instilled in our working practices throughout the company. These focus on our people, the community, environment and the marketplace.

1. People

We believe a successful business is built on its people and for us, this means creating an inclusive and respectful environment for our employees. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety, wellbeing and professional development of our people, and through this, we create a motivated, dynamic and responsible workforce.

2. Community

Our purpose is to bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the communities in which we work, which we achieve through making charitable donations and by our participation in voluntary schemes and activities.

3. Environment

We aim to operate as an environmentally sustainable business and continually strive to work resourcefully, and with minimum disruption to our surroundings. We do this by decreasing waste to landfill, reducing CO2 emissions, seeking energy-efficient solutions and working with customers to improve local environmental quality and protect natural heritage.

4. Marketplace

Working together with our employees, clients and suppliers we are committed to sharing goals and objectives ensuring that we operate in a sustainable and responsible way, whilst offering a competitive and quality service. Working with all our key stakeholders to achieve this appropriate social, regulatory and environmental risks and opportunities are embedded into our strategic decision making and planning process. By deploying a management system certified to ISO9001:2008 we guarantee to meet quality standards expected by our clients.

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