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Aptus were contracted by LiMA to provide gas services at the iconic Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works as part of a £200 million modernisation project, that will make the site one of the UK’s most efficient and sustainable treatment plants.

As part of United Utilities’ £3.5bn AMP6 investment programme across Manchester, the water company commissioned LiMA to deliver the multimillion-pound upgrade at Davyhulme. Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works is at the forefront of renewable energy generation and serves over one million people. The £200M modernisation includes the design, installation and commissioning of a biomethane plant that will convert waste to gas, which can then be exported into the National Grid. Aptus have a well-established partnership with United Utilities and were brought in to supply infrastructure at the plant.

The Aptus team at the Davyhulme Bio-methane Project achieved sign off from National Grid before the project deadline, with the plant meeting the high standards required to process bio-gas from sewage digestion into grid-quality gas for direct injection into the Grid. This enabled United Utilities to gain maximum green incentives for their product and, as the contractor overseeing the project, LiMA’s reputation within United Utilities was enhanced.

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    “Aptus have been recognised as key in delivering this project.”

    “This is the first contract LiMA have let to Aptus, and all the project team have been impressed with the approach of your workforce and supervisors to the challenges presented.”

    “The ‘can do’ attitude and diligent safety culture were prominent and your team’s focus on the overall objective took the risk away from this package. I look forward to discussing future work across the UU programme with you in the near future.”

    Phil Appleby, Framework Director, United Utilities AMP6

    Energy-efficient design

    Aptus were instructed by LiMA to construct the medium pressure import and intermediate pressure export pipelines to facilitate the injection of biomethane gas into the National Grid, and to provide a gas supply to the Davyhulme plant. This included the installation of telemetry system ducting.

    In order to meet environmental standards, the treatment plant also had a requirement for a natural gas import pipeline to feed combined heat boilers and power engines, which would significantly reduce onsite consumption of oil and LPG usage and decrease the carbon footprint.

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    Early project completion

    Through strategic organisation and preparation, Aptus were able to begin works ahead of schedule. With the successful interpretation of the environmental survey and planning in place, pipeline works were underway by December 2015. Aptus Utilities’ construction team worked proactively and efficiently alongside the client and sub-contractors, resulting in the installation, commission and adoption of 2.5km of mains before the end of March 2016, ahead of the client’s deadline.

    Specialist works undertaken

    • Above ground steel crossings
    • Steel welding including destructive testing, MPI and radiography
    • Bespoke pipework within the bio-gas plant area
    • Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Testing
    • Mechanical Drying to -20 degrees
    • Branch Saddle Connections
    • Pipeline Commissioning
    • Cathodic Protection
    • Detailed as-laid drawings including GPS co-ordinates
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    Renewable Energy For Manchester

    United Utilities’ Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works is at the forefront of renewable energy generation. Within the sludge digestion centre sludge is converted into a high-grade fertiliser for farmers and biogas.

    The £100M plant produces enough renewable electricity to power the entire site and creates a clean and valuable soil conditioner that meets modern agricultural standards.

    The centre was awarded the Institute of Chemical Engineering’s Energy Award and branded “the most innovative green energy scheme in the world” in 2013.

    The modernisation project undertaken by LiMA – utilising the infrastructure supplied by Aptus – facilitates the injection of biogas into the National Grid to provide electricity for homes in the Greater Manchester region. The new biogas-to-grid process will also lower the carbon footprint by decreasing engine usage at the Davyhulme plant.

    Techical Specification

    • 90mm PE IP export pipeline was installed to operate at 5bar and the 180mmPE MP export pipeline was installed from the ROV for 600m and connected to a 250mmPE MP NG main
    • 180mmPE SDR17.6 pipeline was installed from the ROV for 600m and connected to a 250mmPE MP NG main. A separate service pipe (also 180mmPE) was also installed near to the ROV skid set terminating at an Emergency Control Valve (ECV) within a meter kiosk
    • 1000m of IP and 600m MP pipeline had been constructed to deliver a maximum 650scmh
    • 90mmPE IP pipeline was laid in the same trench as a 100mm telecommunications duct and a 250mm SDR21 PE100 meter outlet pipe
    • The Gas outlet pipeline is operating at 200mbar and is 250mm SDR21 PE100 pipe
    • The meter outlet pipeline was installed from the meter/governor module to the boiler building at the CHP complex
    • The 1100m outlet pipeline was constructed to deliver a maximum export load of 1000scmh
    • Telecoms ducting


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