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Kingswood Homes’ exclusive Willows development

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Aptus worked on Kingswood Homes’ exclusive Willows development at Greenhalgh, a small village set against the rural backdrop of the Fylde Coast. The work included water and electricity connections to fourteen new build homes, along with the strategic relocation of a high voltage electricity pole.

Construction on the development focused on high specification housing with energy-efficient heating systems. The houses are built around a communal feature that includes green space with an established, landscaped pond. At the heart of this feature was an electricity pole, sited close to an area designated for a children’s playground. Consequently, the pole’s relocation was an important aspect of Aptus’ work and essential to the success of the development.

During the work Aptus excelled in these areas of service delivery
  • Strong customer focus
  • Innovation and expertise
  • Effective management of third party organisations
  • Excellent communication throughout

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    “Having provided a free price quotation and helpful advice on a street lighting plan that met with Local Council specifications, Kingswood decided to award the street lighting contract to Aptus.”

    Kingswood Homes Construction Director Stephen Heaton

    Commitment and customer service

    With families moving into their new homes, and many residents in neighbouring villages reliant on its power, the relocation of the pole required urgency and sensitive handling. Aptus responded to the situation by liaising closely with Electricity North West in order to bring the operation forward, assisting with ENW’s workload to prepare the site for connection and taking steps to remove asbestos discovered during the work.

    Communication and integrity

    Aptus pride themselves on conducting business with transparency and integrity and were responsive and communicative with Kingswood throughout the project. When it emerged Aptus had laid the wrong cable following a supplier error, Aptus devised an innovative and cost-effective solution, minimising the re-excavation of newly laid roads and footpaths by disconnecting the existing cable and relocating the new one around the pond. Having impressed throughout the project, Kingswood went on to award Aptus the contract for street lighting.

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