Multi Utility, Miller Homes and Story Homes, Newcastle, 535 plots


  • Overcoming land ownership and easement issues navigating a bridge
  • Supplying temporary power solutions
  • Working through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic


In October 2019, Aptus was awarded the contract to deliver services to 535 homes for a joint venture between Miller Homes and Story Homes.

The development forms part of the Newcastle City Council master plan to create a thriving semi-rural small town at Callerton over the next 20 years.

Section 278 works for a new road layout were not due to be constructed for 18 months and, working in what was essentially a field, Aptus had to address issues of land ownership and easement restraints to gain access before we could begin.

To facilitate our works, we also had to gain permission from Northern PowerGrid to complete a temporary HV link until we could get onto the site.

Aptus was required to adapt and innovate in key areas, including:

  • Making significant amendments to gas designs, and adjusting plans from low pressure to medium pressure network.
  • Providing a temporary governor to power the site and decommissioning it once we had a permanent one manufactured and installed. This was achieved whilst maintaining a steady energy supply throughout.
  • Carrying out directional drilling beneath a bridge construction over a stream to establish a water connection. Aptus opted for this versatile method as the most efficient solution, which, as well as helping to minimise disruption to the landscape, is also a more cost-effective sustainable approach.
  • Ensuring access to an established and well-used bridleway was maintained, without interference from our activities while we installed the new main and completed the connection.

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    A happy client

    North East Operations Manager Steve Chesworth commented:

    “This particular contract required a protracted process of meetings, consultation, and sensitive liaison with all parties to achieve the desired objectives. We were pleased to successfully negotiate these challenges and deliver all services on schedule, ready for handover.”

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