Multi Utility, Seddon Construction, Stockport


  • Working with the client to provide solution to an already constructed site
  • Adapting to the load requirements for the buildings being amending on a number of occasions
  • Private street light and feeder pillar installation
  • Organisation of large gas meters on behalf of the client


Aptus was contracted by Seddon Construction to complete electric, gas and water connections to industrial and commercial buildings situated on a 145,000 sq ft development of light industrial and employment space on the former Gorsey Bank housing estate in Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Greater Manchester.

The buildings on site were designed to be used by clean manufacturing operators, small scale distributors, administrative businesses and as storage facilities. Such occupants have limited highways impact and cause minimal disturbance to surrounding occupants.

Aptus was asked to build an infrastructure to cope with the requirements of the occupants of the industrial park including the connection of streetlights and feeder pillars for the car parks.

This site was constructed before the team began the installation of the utilities.

Our first priority was to liaise with all authorities to ensure it was going to be possible to meet the tight deadlines set by the developer. This was especially important as there was an unconventional road structure that caused issues with some of the high voltage connections.

Aptus connected 2 substations to supply the whole site with power and we also installed and connected feeder pillars for the private car park and street light supplies. We installed large gas supplies to each building and organised large gas meter installations on behalf of the client.

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    Flexibility through experience

    On a site like this, there are always a number of changes once units are sold to the customer as they each have unique needs and preferences. Fortunately, thanks to the experience and expertise of the team at Aptus, we were able to accommodate these changes in a timely and professional fashion.

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