Client: Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd


Project outline: Based in Great Heck, near Leeds, Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd is a leading block paving and concrete block manufacturer. Aptus was commissioned by Thomas Armstrong to manage and coordinate the installation of electric and gas mains to their factory.

Requirements: The work required 4km of 250mm medium pressure gas main and 6km of 11kV 300mm triplex HV cables, both coming in opposite directions to the site.

Aptus subcontracted the gas work to Mc & C Utilities based in Wakefield and the electric work to Catlows Engineering based in Doncaster. 

Challenges: Throughout the project, Aptus overcame a number of challenges: 

  1. 11 Section 50 notices had to be raised with two different local authorities.
  2. Three road closures had to be organised due to working restraints.
  3. The gas route involved excavation under a railway bridge, which meant liaising with Network Rail to secure permission and supervision.
  4. Permission had to be secured from The Historical Railways Estate, as a part of the install required excavation alongside an abandoned railway.
  5. The Knottingley and Goole Canal on Heck Lane in Great Heck had to be crossed as part of the electric route. Trial holes were initially completed on the bridge running over the canal to see if depth of cover on the new mains could be reached. This wasn’t possible and therefore, alternative ways to cross the canal had to be investigated with directional drilling ultimately used. 
  6. The Aptus team liaised with the Canal & River Trust and compiled a report to ensure they were happy with the work being carried out near their asset. They then arranged for drilling company FlowTek to carry out drilling. This took two weeks to complete, and the team successfully directionally drilled 3 x 180mm electric ducts in tri-formation, 187m in length, to a depth of 18m, 3m below the canal bed.

Timeline: Work commenced in March and gas went live in June. Electric is on schedule for connection in September. 

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