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Aptus worked with George Cox to deliver a sophisticated system of ‘smart’ street lighting, supported by CCTV, to create safe and secure parking close to the city centre, through a Park & Ride scheme commissioned by Transport for Greater Manchester.

During the work Aptus excelled in these areas of service delivery

  • Value for money
  • Energy savings, innovation and safety
  • Strategic project management

Aptus was awarded the contract for the new Park & Ride scheme in August 2015. The scheme forms part of TfGM’s £1.7 million programme of major improvements to transport links into Manchester City Centre. TfGM identified wasteland between the A580/M61 as a prime location for the creation of parking spaces, which are at a premium in the city. The Park & Ride site is located beneath the M60/M61 motorways and East Lancashire Road intersection and incorporates a new signalised junction with pedestrian crossings. The hi-tech new facility provides 250 parking spaces, ‘smart’ street lighting and CCTV cameras, as well as customer help points and safety features.

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    Value for money

    The scheme required 31 street lighting columns at a height of eight metres. Aptus explored the most cost-effective options and found Signature provided the best solution for both cost and durability. Signature columns are built to carry lanterns with ease but also have the capacity to bear additional lanterns on double and triple bracket arms without compromising the integrity of the columns.

    Energy savings, innovation and safety

    Aptus identified WRTL Philips Mini Luma lanterns as the best solution for illuminating the car park with a clean ‘white’ light. These offer adaptable programming which has allowed Aptus to maximise energy savings by using both part-night dimming and totally shut off when the lights are not in use. The lanterns utilise LED technology and are instantaneous in reaching full brightness, which gives the option to make further savings, as well as add to security and passenger safety by installing occupancy sensors in certain areas of the car park.

    In order to enhance car park security, Aptus installed more than 25 full-colour Cisco 4500E cameras. The high definition devices have been erected in a durable, vandal-proof housing with in-built heaters to help minimise lens misting. These are mounted onto dedicated five-metre raise and lower CCTV masts for quick and easy maintenance.

    To aid the comfort of the Park & Ride users bus shelters have been fitted with ‘real-time passenger information’ boards for clarity, incorporating safety features such as induction loops for the hard of hearing. There are also dedicated ‘Help’ points located around the car park for emergency use.

    Ensuring that there was a continuous energy supply to the site was vital to the success of the project. To this end, Aptus designed the system to feed into four feeder pillars with multiple circuits within each one, which would minimise loss of light in the event of a fault. This was controlled via a dedicated supply into a lighting feeder pillar. The scheme required a large amount of armoured cable – around 3000 metres was needed to wire the columns around the perimeter of the site. Aptus also installed a separate dedicated feeder pillar for the power supply controlling the CCTV network, which was located adjacent to the CCTV control cabinet.

    ParkRide birdseye daylight 1

    Strategic project management

    Works were carried out in three phases over the total construction period. This involved: the first fix of cables when the ducting runs were complete; a second fix of the installation of columns when ground levels and edges were in place; a final fix to connect, test and commission all systems. With restricted space to work within on-site and very challenging time frames for completion, Aptus had a limited window of opportunity to undertake the electrical element of works on each visit. Material delivery times had to be coordinated within our construction phasing plan and tactical liaison with the main contractor was paramount to enable the scheme to successfully come together.

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