Aptus celebrates 5 Year North East Anniversary

Aptus September 2021 319We are excited to be marking the 5-year anniversary of the opening of our North East depot. The launch of the Follingsby Depot in 2016 represented a significant milestone for Aptus as the first base outside the North West to open for the business.

In July 2015 we won our first North East contract for Gleeson Homes, to deliver full multi utility services including gas, water and electric, to 22 plots at Woodhead Lane in Northumberland. We also began working with established partners North West housebuilding giants Story Homes as they focused on bringing their luxury developments to the region.

Demand for multi utility model

As more contract awards followed, we wanted to ensure we could meet demand and maintain customer service levels. This led Aptus to sign a 10-year lease on the 7,112 square foot unit at Follingsby Park which would enhance our regional capability allowing us to serve the whole of the North East, including the surrounding region of Tyne & Wear, as well as Teesside, County Durham, and Northumberland.

The new permanent base also better facilitated our operations in North East Yorkshire, which we had previously been delivering from our Penrith base. The strategic expansion did not come without its challenges however, and many developers still preferred to liaise directly with infrastructure owners rather than an Independent Connections Provider (ICP).

North East Operations Manager Steve Chesworth, who joined Aptus in 2017 as a Project Manager, said: “The company had considerable work to do to build trust with developers and gain the chance to demonstrate the huge advantages the multi utility model has to offer.”

Since then, our North East workforce led by Steve has been working hard to build a solid reputation for the business. He and his team are committed to going above and beyond to meet the challenges of demanding sites and ensure that Aptus continues to develop strong relationships with clients in the region.

Steve says: “All schemes carry their own difficulties and restraints, and none have been easy, but we have built a good team together to meet these demands and deliver all schemes on time and in budget.”

Steve says he’s proud of the work he and his team are doing in the North East. (Read more about the quality service Aptus can deliver on p.6 of the latest Aptus Connections Magazine).

APTUS NORTH EAST 5 YEARS IN NUMBERSFive years on and 154 contract awards later, the hard work of our team is paying off. As the benefits of a multi utility approach are increasingly being felt in the region, Aptus is gaining a foothold with our competitive package of services and commitment to providing consistently outstanding customer service.

Growing reputation

With 42 clients added to our portfolio, and growing, Aptus is cementing its reputation as a dependable and dedicated multi utility provider to the housebuilding industry, gaining regular contracts with household names including Persimmon Homes, Taylor Wimpey, Bellway and Engie.

We are especially pleased to have added new regional and local housebuilders to our repertoire and to be supporting clients on diverse and exciting projects including the regeneration of sites such as the Genesis Project at the former Consett Steelworks site working with Dysart Group to transform the area into a thriving new community.

The North East has also been the location for a significant partnership with Wynyard Park to support individuals to achieve their dream of building a bespoke ‘self-build’ home to their own specifications. With 177 plots secured overall, this is an ongoing project with 58 homes connected so far.

Rising demand for our services has enabled Aptus to expand our team and we are pleased to have increased staff numbers to 26. This includes a team of 15 operatives which will be reinforced by a further three multi utility apprentices who are joining them this autumn.

Our growing regional reputation has been aided by the continuing novation of contracts from Clancy. This is enabling us to build new relationships with a host of new clients and we are looking forward to the exciting new prospects these partnerships will offer as the company continues to grow.

Steve said “We are confident that we can build on the success of the last five years as developers are seeing tangible benefits in using our model. They also appreciate our commitment to overcome obstacles, find innovative solutions where possible and welcome our adaptable and resourceful attitude. We’re looking forward to building on the successful working relationships we have with all our clients.”

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Published on 21st September 2021

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