Elephant Pump ‘gifted by Aptus’ through AquAid

We’re delighted to have sponsored the construction of an Elephant Pump in Africa which will be a sustainable source of fresh drinking water for decades to come.

The purchase of the pump has been made possible through our relationship with AquAid Water Coolers, who donate funds from every purchase to the Africa Trust which is responsible for bringing the pumps to impoverished communities across the continent.

For several years, Aptus has depended on AquAid’s mains-fed water coolers for our hydration needs. In choosing them as our supplier Aptus was impressed with their philanthropic efforts through The Africa Trust. The charity was established by AquAid in 2010 and seeks to find sustainable solutions to tackling poverty and enabling self-sufficiency in communities – which aligns with our commitment to extend benefits to communities beyond our corporate responsibilities.

What is an Elephant Pump?

The Elephant Pump is a multi-award winning water pump based on 2,000-year-old Chinese technology for lifting water. They take between two and three months to build, during which the community gets involved with construction of the pumps which are assembled by a skilled team from the Africa Trust using local resources. This approach prolongs the pump’s lifespan by empowering the community to manage any necessary repairs in the future.

Access to safe, clean drinking water is something we take for granted in the UK, but in less fortunate countries the installation of the Elephant Pumps transforms lives.

How does a water pump assist a community?

  • It provides safe, clean drinking water that people previously would not have had access to – inevitably having to walk miles daily to collect water in buckets or containers.
  • Having a pump eliminates diseases and illnesses that may arise from drinking contaminated water.
  • Access to clean water leads to an improved diet and better hydration for children and other people in the community. This supports them to focus on their education and building a better future.

The installation of a pump can significantly impact a community by further enabling the establishment of banana plantations, which may become an essential source of income which can contribute to educational and other advancements within the community.

HSQE Manager Delicia Maxwell said:

“As a multi-utility provider our work involves ensuring communities are furnished with a clean drinking water supply and we collaborate with our housebuilding and industry partners to ensure this happens as safely and efficiently as possible.

“Access to safe water supplies is something we take for granted in the UK, but for millions of people it is not the case so we are pleased that by choosing AquAid as our water supplier we are able to help those less fortunate through this incredible initiative.”

More than 10,000 elephant pumps have been constructed so far, bringing life-saving water to more than three million people across Liberia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Find out more about The Africa Trust and their work here.

Published on 24th May 2024

Natasha Clarke

Natasha Clarke

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