Recycling to save our planet

World Environment Day on Wednesday 5th June is an opportunity to highlight the challenges our planet faces and the actions we can take to safeguard our environment.

At Aptus, we are addressing the issue of pollution caused by poor waste management by challenging the notion of what constitutes waste and advocating for increased recycling.

In the UK, household recycling rates are below 45%, indicating a pressing need to re-evaluate our disposal habits and embrace the chance to positively alter how we manage our everyday ‘rubbish’.

A cleaner, healthier planet requires a more circular strategy. At Aptus, our focus extends beyond recycling and we’re committed to reducing and reusing as much as possible. Embracing a zero-waste mindset allows us to minimise our environmental footprint and conserve the planet’s precious resources. Without immediate action, we risk exacerbating issues like landfill overflow, climate change, and harm to marine life and ecosystems.

Promoting recycling awareness is a step everyone can take towards protecting our planet. Below are some initiatives we are undertaking at Aptus to proactively recycle.

What are Aptus doing?

♻️ Our commitment to recycling personal protective equipment (PPE) is stronger than ever, with recycling bags now available in every depot and office. This initiative boosts the recycling of old and used PPE and workwear. After collection, these bags are dispatched to Recycling Lives, where the PPE is processed and repurposed to aid developing countries, providing essential items like clothing and blankets.

♻️ We have contracted Environmental Waste Control (EWC) to conduct routine audits at all our depots and yards and provide guidance on how to consistently increase our waste efficiency. We take pride in having attained zero waste to landfill at all our locations and remain committed to exploring methods to further improve our recycling rates throughout the company.

♻️ We have initiated a recycling programme for unused electrical office equipment, such as laptops and computer monitors. These items are donated to Tameside Community Computers CIC  which refurbishes the equipment for distribution to those in need within the community. This effort not only combats digital poverty but also prevents technology from ending up in landfill.

♻️ In collaboration with Sustainable Advantage, we are striving to identify and implement improvements that will solidify our commitment to environmental sustainability. Further details on our ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ approach to waste management can be found in our Aptus Impact Report.

How else can we improve our recycling?

In addition to the changes within our organisation, we are eager to promote awareness about individual actions that can enhance recycling at home and work. Here are some suggestions:

  • Properly separate waste: Ensure plastic bags go into the black/grey bin to lessen their detrimental effects on the environment and wildlife.
  • Go paperless at meetings: Utilise electronic devices and distribute digital materials to cut down on paper use and foster sustainability.
  • Opt for a zero-waste lunch: Employ reusable containers for food and refillable bottles for beverages to minimise plastic waste.


  • Donate unwanted clothing: Visitors to Aptus are welcome to bring their unwanted clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories to our Cash for Kids Recycle Bank at our Bolton head office. Donations support those in financial distress or are repurposed for carpet underlay, insulation, or fuel, helping to address the 1.2 million tonnes of textiles discarded annually.
  • Increase green bin usage: The green household bin is for organic waste like food remnants and garden debris, which can be composted, enriching soil and reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers.

The following guidelines can help with recycling plastics and ensure that our recyclables are processed properly.

When tackling plastic follow the 4 Rs

  • Reduce the amount of plastic you buy.
  • Reuse the plastic you have.
  • Recycle your plastic – check your council’s website to make sure you know exactly what is and what isn’t recycled.
  • Responsibly dispose of your plastic.


Look out for recycling symbols on packaging which indicate the different method of recycling. Click on our handy chart (left) to use as a guide.

Visit climate action charity WRAP for more support on recycling.

Published on 4th June 2024

Natasha Clarke

Natasha Clarke

People Director

Natasha Clarke heads up the People functions at Aptus, including Human Resources and internal and external communications. She has assisted in the training and development of a number of key members of staff and has also ensured a number of Business Administration Apprentices have successfully obtained their qualifications.

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