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Quick Q&As with  Jon Cooke, Sales Manager at Clad Safety about their work and involvement in Aptus’ Road Safety Awareness Week.

Q: Where are you based? How long have you been in business?

Clad Safety are a family run workwear and PPE company based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. Establishing in 1989, Clad Safety have been supplying workwear and PPE to key industries including construction, rail, utilities and emergency services for over 30 years.


Q: How long has Clad Safety worked with Aptus and what service do you provide?

Clad Safety have worked with Aptus since April 2021 and provide their employees with a full provision of workwear and PPE.


Q: I believe you may have an involvement with Aptus’ Road Safety Week in schools?

Clad Safety provide children’s high visibility vests with branding to enhance road safety awareness. 2021 was the first year that Clad Safety provided this service and hope to be involved in 2022’s campaign too.


Q: What makes your business different from other technical workwear solutions suppliers?

Providing the appropriate workwear and PPE can often feel like an overwhelming and daunting task to many employers. Combining this responsibility with the challenges of multiple sites, the need for consistent branding and cost-control across different teams, our customers need a supplier that is 100% reliable. Clad Safety has a proven track record and is trusted by some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Clad Safety have a wealth of experience in the utilities sector and strongly believe in providing workwear and PPE solutions to any obstacles that an employee will face at work. A longstanding utilities customer approached Clad Safety about a problem they faced with selected workwear items requiring arc flash protection. Discussions led to designs and product development. This resulted in Clad Safety designing our own unique range of arc flash clothing including stretch cargo trousers and a high visibility long sleeved polo shirt and coveralls. All items are arc flash compliant and have an APTV rating of 7.7 Cal and above.


Q: What problems do you solve for construction industry clients?

Clad Safety provide a superior level of support which is fully personalised to all of our customers. We are consistent in our behaviour across all areas including delivery and account management.

There are thousands of products and garments available and new products are constantly evolving to improve wearer safety and comfort across all industries. Clad Safety listen carefully to our customers to understand their needs and the exact challenges affecting their people.

This process often includes wearer trials. We are generous with samples and we like to get creative when providing solutions to our customers problems. Our team of technical Product Specialists, Garment Designers, Purchasing and Sales all work closely together to recommend the most appropriate range each individual customer.


Q: Do you have cold weather and warm weather items?

Clad Safety sell a wide range of workwear, safety footwear and PPE suitable for cold, wet and warm weather that meet the relevant safety standards. Items include:

  • Thermal safety boots
  • Thermal safety gloves
  • Waterproof outerwear
  • Waterproof high visibility outerwear
  • Summer workwear made from wicking fabrics
  • Lightweight safety footwear
  • Tinted safety glasses
  • Winter and summer hats


Q: How has the pandemic hit your sector?

Supply chain issues have been the biggest hurdle to overcome. We have proactively sourced scarce products, e.g. FFP3 respirators/nitrile gloves when demand was extremely high and connected with new suppliers of these products. Yes, there have been challenges but we have adapted and overcome these challenges so that we continue to supply our customers with the best workwear and PPE that they require.

As a result of the pandemic, awareness of PPE has increased. Previously, the general public would possibly not have known the acronym but certainly do now! This will have a long-term positive effect on people’s respect for appropriate/compliant PPE and its place in keeping individuals safe and well.


Q: Can you tell us a little about your sustainability work?

Sustainability is also a hot topic at the minute and suppliers are continually introducing more products that are made from recycled materials or produced in a sustainable way. Clad Safety are regularly engaging with our suppliers to train our own staff and share new product developments.

We offer a lot of sustainable alternatives throughout our product range including recycled workwear, high visibility clothing and safety footwear (

The disposal of workwear garments and PPE can be incorporated into our customer’s Service Agreement to ensure uniforms are being recycled ethically and securely. Clad Safety will arrange for the collection, destruction and recycling of used/discarded items at agreed timescales in line with company requirements. A destruction certificate will be issued upon process completion for use in environmental/compliance audit trails.


Q: What are you excited about for future developments?  What are your predictions for your sector?

Sustainability will be the key focus especially led by public sector and large employers. There will be improved awareness of the environmental cost of distant-sourcing and the ‘disposable PPE mentality’ both of which are highlighted by the pandemic. We will see nearer sourcing and UK manufacturing coming back again. Also, there is a younger generation about to enter the workforce with increased awareness and respect for health and safety and the need for PPE as a positive outcome from the pandemic.


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Published on 10th February 2022

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